Monday, 14 October 2013

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA > Features > Code/Context Highlighting and Code Folding

No one have ever understood the problems and challenges faced by Developers, better than JetBrains. The day, I was introduced to this amazingly genius IDE, back in 2004, I fell for it. And, with every passing day, or should I say every passing release, JetBrains keep on raising the bar to a level where no one can possibly reach it.

So impressed with this IDE, I though about writing each of those intelligent features that saves me from a lot of stress and waste of time and efforts. But, honestly, every time I failed to figure out where to start and which ones to blog first. So, now, just 2 minutes ago, while I was coding Bootstrap prototype interface for one of the projects that I’m working on, I was amazed to see how intelligently it is aiding and assisting me to do my work efficiently with as least stress as possible.

The Bootstrap prototype file I’m working on is a Plain HTML file, and there are around ~300 lines of code. See the snapshot below, shows how efficiently IntelliJ IDEA has highlighted the area where I’m working at:

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA IDE (Click to open enlarge image in a new window)

  1. Notice breadcrumbs at the top of editor window
  2. Notice a thin stripe at the left hand side buffer of editor window
  3. Notice the highlighted line of code within the editor where my caret is
  4. Notice the highlighted tags hierarchy within the editor
  5. And finally notice, how all of the above are synced with beautiful colors to track each item of current context individually


Well, that’s not all. This file you are looking at is a ~300 line file, notice how I saved my self from additional stress of looking at un-related code, by (6) folding/collapsing literally any part of the code I wished to.

Genius! isn’t it?

And finally Winking smile, for those who are thinking that I’ve spent a fortune to have that jewel under my belt, have a look at this:

JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition

Happy Coding Smile