Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Deploying Java Web Application on AppFog’s FREE Cloud Hosting Account in Seconds!

What is AppFog?

If you don’t have an account with AppFog yet, you can create one from here – easiest signup process. You will have an active account in seconds!

appfog free cloud hosting account signup

Sign into your AppFog account and from top menu click on “Create App” or from bottom click on “New App”

appfog home page

Choose an application type:

appfog - new app - step one - choose an application

Choose infrastructure type:

appfog - new app - step two - choose an infrastructure

Go to Apps details page and Download Source Code:

appfog - app - details

Unzip source code at a location on your local machine.

{ If you have not installed Ruby and “af” RubyGem, install it now – How to Install Ruby and “af” RubyGem }

Start Command Prompt with Ruby:

appfog - run af command line tool

appfog - af - command line utility

Run login command : ‘af login’

‘cd’ to your project directory

Run update command to synchronize your remote project with your local one.

appfog - af - update

All your local files will be packaged and uploaded to your remote cloud space.

appfog - af - update 2

Go to your AppFog’s App Page and Click on ‘View Live Site’:

appfog - app - view live site

appfog - live site

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